Impactful Visuals for Adventure Travel Communities

Let's find the best way to involve your community and build out a content strategy that will cover you across all channels


We'll manage your influencer relations from end to end by identifying potential partners, managing onsite shoots and executing campaigns


We have experience shooting  advertising, social campaigns, events and product demos. Our team will help bring your vision to life and is available to shoot worldwide



Join one of LUCA's pre-planned content trips or let us plan and guide a custom expedition on your behalf


L.U.C.A is a genetics acronym for "Last Universal Common Ancestor", a micro-organism that's believed to encapsulate all life on Earth. The great connector so to speak. If we trace life far enough back in time, we come to find that all things are connected through L.U.C.A.

Today, we believe shared experiences serve a similar purpose - connecting, uniting and inspiring like-minded individuals and communities from all walks of life. Our goal at L.U.C.A. is to be a catalyst for action and positive change by creating visuals that move the communities we work with to go out and live their shared values and beliefs.


At L.U.C.A we help Brands, Destinations, Live Events, Non-Profits and Digital Communities connect with their audience through high quality, custom content creation. 

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